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Babylon Mosaic jewelry is made on Allergy-free rhodium, 925 silver-plated and 24-karat gold-plated bases and rings are all adjustable .  

In addition to this, you will need to know more about it.

They are precious jewels for the materials that compose them (golds and Venetian smalti, semi-precious stones, water pearls, murano or svarowski, millefiori etc ...) and thanks to the hand of the artist who makes each piece of jewelry is unique .

The technique of artisanal cutting of materials carried out with ancient mosaic tools (the hammer and the slicer) is the guarantee of rare know-how and unquestionable quality.


Here are the materials used in the creations of mosaic jewelry:

  • Enamels of Venice (smalti) : artisanal glass pastes made in Venice in the historic workshops of Orsoni or in Spilimbergo in the workshops of Mario Dona ', Italy.

  • Venetian gold: gold or silver leaf between two thin layers of glass, the color of which varies according to the carats or according to the color of the transparent glass which covers it. Handicraft work made by the Orsoni workshop in Venice, Italy.

  • Semi-precious stones, minerals : Bought at heart by the designer on mineral markets for their aesthetic characteristics, the names are not always easy to identify but most of the time it will be easy for us to inform you about the nature of the stones.

  • Crystals : cut from blocks of crystals from a set of minerals from a French collector, they magically capture light with their daring reliefs and will not leave you indifferent.

  • Marbles : coming from several parts of the world depending on their color, marbles take us on a journey through the millennia that formed them. It is also obviously a nod to the first materials of ancient mosaics.

  • Mirrors of Ravenna : handcrafted colored mirrors distributed by the annafietta workshop, located in Ravenna, Italy. Color and light in one material.

  • Millefiori and Murano glass : millefiori are polychrome glass rods that contain a pattern when cut, often flowers, spirals or letters, they brighten up colorful compositions.

  • Glass micro-mosaic (“mosaico filato”) fine rods of spun Venetian enamels, used for the finest and regular details in the compositions.

  • Swarovski crystal: genuine crystals from the Swarovski brand, they add incomparable brilliance and maximum luminosity to the compositions.




  • Water pearls, mother-of-pearl : Natural or artificially colored, they illuminate and soften the compositions.




  • Ceramics Nériage : Pieces of ceramics composed of small colored earth threads in the mass which form patterns. The tesserae are enamelled. This material is the result of the artistic work of ceramic artist Claire Roger in Blaye 33390.



  • Fancy glass cabochons : Touch of pop shine used in jewelry collections such as Mandala or Frida. Color and graphics with finesse.


  • Australian Opals : the most precious of my collections. Their wonderful natural glitter and completely magical reflections are to be enjoyed in real life. Real stones, not to be missed for connoisseurs.

Other elements can be integrated for aesthetic research such as small shells, pebbles, glass beads, electronic components, limoge porcelain, glass cabochons, marble etc ...


The elements are assembled in an adhesive mortar using the traditional mosaic technique and cut / shaped using the ancestral technique of cutting with hammer and slicer.

This bonding allows a solid seal and waterproof characteristics.

The hand watches are in raw stainless steel or gold plated and rose gold. These are battery-powered watches (Sony 626, normal battery life: 2 years from when it is inserted into the watch) whose mechanism is called “Japan 2035”.

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