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Registration procedure:

1. On the online internship formula page, find the internship and the language that suits you and click on "select"

2. At the bottom of the next "register" page , register with an e-mail address + password or by facebook or google and click on "sign up".

3. After this step your request is sent to me, wait until I confirm your registration, you will receive an e-mail entitled "you are now a member of the site".


4 . On the site go to the "Member" tab of the menu and connect with your email and password previously inserted.

5. You arrive on the page "this page is available for subscribers", click on "see formula"

(...... if you cannot access this page, go back to the starting page , click again on select and identify yourself using the "log in" button and you will access the payment)

6. Select the plan and proceed to payment.

7. You will then be able to access the forum and internship space for a year!

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