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The works of the route

Plant walk in Haute-Gironde, 2017

In 2017, it is with the theme of the plant heritage of Plassac that we opened the project: "Plant walk in Haute Gironde", during which we brought in the ceramist Eric Roger, who taught us how to print the plants collected in the countryside of the village in the land and we have inserted and named them in the mosaic.

This mosaic also illustrates our reeds bordering the Gironde and undoubtedly the grapes from our vines.

It is placed on the wall of the Gallo-Roman villa museum in front of a century-old tree.

Materials: marble, Litovi, Venetian enamels, ceramic.

Group production at the Babylon Mosaic workshop.

Reflections on the Gironde estuary, 2017

For this second project, we collaborated with the stained glass artist Dominique Gillet with whom we made multicolored pyramids in Tiffany stained glass which we then inserted into the mosaic. This one tries to translate the beauty and the versatility of the colors of our sunsets on the water of the estuary and in the sky. These light changes operate every hour of the day on the work thanks to the rotating projection of the transparent colors of the glass pyramids on the mosaic according to the position of the sun and the colored mirrors in the waves represented on the work.

This mosaic is placed near the estuary and its horizon line connects perfectly with the natural horizon of the river.

Materials: marble, Venetian enamels, Ravenna mirror glass, stained glass pyramids.

Group production at the Babylon Mosaic workshop.

Window on the estuary, 2018

This double-sided frame, open to the river landscape on one side and the old village on the other, contributes to the enhancement of our natural visual heritage.

It is a living postcard whose structure evokes our fishing huts which litter the edge of our river.

The decorative theme of the edges of the frame illustrates the fauna of the Gironde border ... birds, rodents, insects etc ...

Materials: ceramic stoneware, Venetian enamels, Ravenna mirror glass, tiffany glass.

Group production at the Babylon Mosaic workshop.

Embark on the Muse, 2018

This 4 m long boat, covered with mosaic on the theme of fishing represents 12 fish from the estuary on the edges of the hull. They are accompanied by a "rope" in Roman braid forming a small wave that animates the background (a nod to the mosaics of our Gallo-Roman villa).

The bottom of the hull covered with blue mirrors and strewn with phosphorescent stars gives an enchanting character to our boat.

We also produced the coat of arms of the town on the bow.

This “titanic” work required the participation of 12 permanent trainees and the intervention of 35 volunteers curious and enthusiastic to be able to participate in the project. The names of all the participants were engraved on the tesserae of the boat.

Materials: stoneware, Venetian enamels, Ravenna mirror glass, tiffany glass, phosphorescent tesserae.

Group production at the Babylon Mosaic workshop.

Our old wine tools, 2019

The village shelters a small wine conservatory where one can find the tools of our ancestors, it was decided to pay homage there thanks to a large fresco which bursts on the wall of the small building. Thus, there are represented several tools characteristic of what can be found inside. The names of tools as learned as they are forgotten are embedded in the ceramics incorporated into the mosaic work.

Materials: ceramic stoneware, smalti, marble, ceramic.

Group production at the Babylon Mosaic workshop.

Dance of the Tides, 2019

This horizontal triptych at the entrance to the village takes the visitor onto the surface of the river bank with its cycles and variations in density under the influence of the moon. The colors present try to show the walker that the water of the river is not only brown and muddy, the light that touches its surface transforms it and colors it with gold, blue-purplish, silvery and ocher yellow ... It's a way of inviting you to look at nature for the beauty it generously offers and not just for the idea that we have it.

Materials: porcelain stoneware, smalti.

Group production at the Babylon Mosaic workshop.

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