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The open-air mosaic museum project "Plassac, village of mosaics" takes place in the small Gironde village already rich in a well-known important Gallo-Roman musical heritage, thanks to its Roman mosaic marble flowerbeds.

It consists of the realization of contemporary artistic mosaics which over the years will constitute a fabulous public cultural and tourist route on the colorful, precious, innovative and enchanting theme of mosaic.

The initiative is carried by the Babylon Mosaic workshop for the artistic project and production part in internships, as well as by the town hall of Plassac and other partners and patrons for material and media funding.

Imagine this small village in 20 or 30 years populated with 40 or 60 mosaics installed harmoniously along the streets, and in its soft landscape.

This is the dream that I deeply wish to realize with you by inviting you to participate in the project as actors, artists, little hands working at the heart of a beautiful living heritage project.

With all the joy of sharing my passion with you!

Emilie Baudrais Art mosaicist for the Babylon Mosaic workshop

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